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OpenMT is an open source hardware project for developing multitouch applications. Unlike camera-based multitouch such as FTIR, DI, and DSI, OpenMT lets you make a super thin and flexible multitouch surface. At this time, OpenMT consists of ArduMT, VIS3D, MTView, and SGDriver. It is Arduino friendly and has been developed by Sensible UI in Seoul, Korea.

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  • Follow us on Twitter @touch_ui. Please use the tag #openmt when sending a message or tweeting your work.

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Source code for this project may be available as downloads or through one of the SCM repositories used by the project, as accessible from the project develop page.


OpenMT is licensed under the GPL license, which means that you can use all or parts of OpenMT for private, academic or even commercial purpose, if you disclose the source code, schematics, and any supporting documents and information of your derived work upon request. We also provide commercial licenses for those who prefer to develop a closed source project based on OpenMT. Please get in touch if you want to acquire a commercial license of the OpenMT project.


TUIO sender and listener of MTView and SGDriver are based on TUIO implementations at